Biorefinery – Est-For Invest

Saarde Municipality planning to support launch of pulp mill studies

Saarde Municipal Council in Pärnu County is planning at its Wednesday, 18th of October meeting to support the launch of planning studies, including the strategic environmental impact assessment, of a large pulp mill to be built by Est-For Invest in the municipality.

The plan during the assessment is to investigate whether the establishment of the pulp mill on the territory of Saarde Municipality is possible as well as investigate the establishment of infrastructure necessary for the operation of the mill, it appears from a draft resolution of the municipal council.

According to a petition submitted to the council by Est-For Invest, a site of approximately 100 hectares, which has a good connection with transport infrastructure, ie a road, and the planned Rail Baltica cargo station, must be found for the establishment of the pulp mill.

The key prerequisites for the launch of the spatial plan are the establishment of the Rail Baltica railway on the territory of Saarde Municipality, the possibility of abstraction of the planned pulp mill from Pärnu River and the possibility of directing the filtered effluent to the Gulf of Riga so that it does not impact the environment of Pärnu Bay.

Source: ERR